Social Media Directory Criteria

The following criteria need to be satisfied in order to be designated as an official account in the FIU Social Media Directory. The directory will display the name of the unit, type of social media account and links to the relevant pages. The official social media accounts will serve as the voice of FIU and be used to foster and maintain relationships with the university’s publics. Official accounts will be considered a representation of the FIU brand and should be governed accordingly.

Success in the social media arena is measured by the ability to engage audiences with creative and unique content and provide valuable customer service. Before making a decision to create a social media profile for your department, determine whether or not it will be possible to keep these accounts constantly updated with a stream of fresh content and respond in a timely manner to all requests and inquiries. If posts will be sporadic, consider sending a request to have them included on FIU’s main accounts instead. Each established account should be relevant to the market it is intended to serve.

The accounts listed in the directory will be displayed on the university’s website, which can lead to increased exposure. Page administrators of official accounts will also have access to each other’s contact information and resources from the monthly social media meeting.

The following are criteria that need to be satisfied in order to be deemed an official FIU social media account:

Standardized Name

All official accounts should bear the name of the department and the FIU trademark, if possible. In cases where there is a character limitation on a username, it should contain the FIU trademark and the acceptable standard abbreviation that is applicable to that department or division. Please note the distinction between a username and account name. Usernames will appear in the social media account’s URL (e.g. and is unique to each account. Account names are personal identifiers that appear on a profile page and usually have more characters. Account names should always reflect the official name of the FIU department or division. See below for an example of the difference between an account name and username.


Twitter username and account name



Facebook username and account name


Accounts should be regularly monitored and all defamatory postings should be removed as soon as possible. These include, but are not limited to, posts that are: racist, sexist, threatening, malicious, unlawful, or threaten the privacy of an individual. Spam and promotional posts should also be promptly removed. Page administrators should use their discretion when deciding which posts should be removed. If you are in doubt as to whether or not a particular post should be deleted, please contact External Relations and we will give you further guidelines on the type of posts we normally remove.

Completeness of profile

Profiles should be adequately completed with a link to the website for the department or division, if applicable. If there is no departmental website, there should be a link to the FIU website. The bio for all social media profiles should include a clear description of the department being represented. All information included should be accurate and up-to-date. The name and contact information for the page administrators should be included as well.


Each page listed in the directory is required to provide the contact information for the moderator/s of the page with an email address. This should also be in the about or contact page for the social account. In addition to this, a director level contact is required to appear in an internal non-public facing directory, which will be accessible only to other social media account administrators at FIU.


Accounts should be used on a consistent basis in accordance with the standard posting frequency for each social media network. Neglected or inactive accounts will not be listed in the directory.

Quality of posts

Posts on official accounts should be grammatically correct and provide enriching and engaging content. The various social networks all have different types of content that work well on each. Refer to the Social Media Guidelines for suggestions on the type of content to post. The use of profanity and derogatory terms will not be permitted.

Accuracy of posts

All posts should be reviewed for accuracy prior to posting. Accounts that establish a pattern of posting inaccurate information or anything that would be potentially harmful to the FIU brand will not be included.

Adherence to Terms of Service

All official accounts should strictly follow the Terms of Service (TOS) for the individual social networking site on which it is hosted. For example, the Facebook TOS prohibits the use of personal timelines for commercial gain, i.e. Pages must be used for all business purposes. If your department is currently using a personal timeline please visit Facebook's guide to converting profiles for instructions on how to do it. If account administrators need clarification on the interpretation of any social network’s TOS, feel free to contact the Social Media Department in the Division of External Relations.

Standardized profile pictures

Profile photos should display the FIU trademark along with the name of the department as in the example below:


You may choose any FIU related image for the header or cover photo.

Review policy

Accounts will be reviewed on a monthly basis to be sure they are in accordance with the guidelines and allow ample time to correct any inconsistencies with the criteria for the directory. We will remove accounts from the directory if they do not meet the criteria listed here however we will allow moderators to make corrections prior to this happening.

If you want to get in touch with us about getting on the social media directory, please contact Michelle Tulande,